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Ramui.com is a friend of webmasters and web developers. Here you find many free PHP script such as PHP contact form , spam free PHP GuestBook, free blog script, Simple PHP forum script, Ramui Web hosting directory script, etc. Ramui.com also includes many web developer add-on tools such as BBCode generator PHP HTML decoder script, PHP Zip files and directory class , etc. which you can plug-in into your own web development projects. Apart from those free scripts and tools there are lots of tutorials, articles such as PHP cookie, and code examples which we hope helpful to understand the basic principle very well. We have an active forum where we want to share your knowledge and experiences about web hosting, web design and development.

RAMUI WEBBLOG script is a PHP-MYSQL based free blog script for easy web development. There are many high quality blog and CMS scripts are available on the internet today. But Ramui webblog script is of different type. Here the effort has been made to provide maximum control to the webmasters in developing and managing their websites. Webmaster can directly use PHP scripts or even PHP header scripts to build a webpage. This feature gives the ultimate control that how that webpage will appear on the browser window or even if it will appear at all. Other key features of this script are,

  1. It includes an auto installer script which automatically installs this script and creates basic pages to run the system.
  2. This blog script automates all repetitive works like XML / HTML sitemap generator, HTML or DHTML menu generator, etc.
  3. RAMUI WEBBLOG script includes most common web tools like spam free PHP contact form with auto responder, webstat script, web template editor, file upload script etc. for developing a complete website.
  4. Multi-language support has been added from version-4.0 this blog script

RAMUI WEBBLOG script is extremely portable. Web developer may install this script in a backup folder on the web server and if found useful drag the entire package into the web root. No separate installation is required. The WebPages that has already been created will remain unchanged.

From the development of version 3 and onwards web developers can install this blog script in XAMPP or equivalent web server installed in windows or Linux based computer, without modifying this script. So developers can develop new style and web template, or add new features with it to make the system more useful.

Complete features list:
Complete features list, prospects, TOS, etc. of latest version of this blog script can be found in the page below.

Ramui webblog free blog script

Free web template:
Free web templates for Ramui webblog script are available at the following page. If you are a web designer / developer and design a new template please leave a link here.

Free web template

About code and modifications:
RAMUI WEBBLOG script is periodically updated to provide better service to the users. If you have any comment, suggestion or modification request then please post it in our support forum. Your opinion will help us to improve the system.

About code and modifications

Report bugs:
If any bug found please report it in the following page. We shall provide you required support within 24 hours.

Report bugs

Download Ramui webblog:
All the mejor versions of Ramui webblog script are available for download at our download page.

Download Ramui webblog

If you are a webmaster and want to put direct download link of latest version of Ramui webblog then please copy the following HTML code and past it in your WebPages. This link will be always pointed towards the latest version of Ramui webblog script.

<a href="http://ramui.com/webblog/download-latest.html">Download Ramui webblog</a>

Ramui Forum Script is a free PHP forum script. In earlier version it was text based forum script, but now users can attach files with their text submitted in this forum script. This script has been developed to meet the requirements of the webmasters who need a safe and secure forum script for their websites. The main features of this script are,

  • Ramui forum script is spam protected by re-captcha image verification.
  • It is very easy to use. It includes only the most essential features to manage the script. So webmasters do not require reading a tutorial book to learn the script.
  • Ramui forum script includes tools like XML sitemap generator, template editor, and email script with auto responder, etc.
  • The most useful feature of this script is that the webmasters can create static HTML page from the script control panel. HTML pages are very useful defining "terms of use", "private policy", "about us", etc. to the viewers.

Documentation | Screenshot | Download | Demo

BBCode generator PHP HTML decoder script is an add-on tool for web development. This script has the following features.

  1. This script is of plug and play type and hence doesn't require any installation.
  2. It has a JavaScript supported nice looking WYSIWYG editor which allows visitors to generate BBCode text.
  3. This editor can be added with WebPages of any extension (*.html, *.php, etc.).
  4. While adding its desired size (height and width) can be set to best fit with the WebPages.
  5. This script supports BBCode for link, list, image and color.
  6. The PHP code behind this editor can successfully decode this BBCode text into its HTML equivalent.
  7. A preview script is also included with this script package which you can optionally use with your system.

Version 3.0 Update: The BBCode generator PHP HTML decoder script code of version - 3.0 has been entirely re-written to provide easier integration and to ensure error free operation. In new version,

  1. The code preview system has been integrated with the BBCode editor.
  2. Webmaster can use simple form submit method or AJAX data submit to transfer BBCode to the server.
  3. Now webmaster can easily load predefined data from database to the editor.
  4. "Automatically parsing URL" error of earlier version has been removed in this version.

Demo | Support | Documentation | Download

Ramui web hosting directory script is a specially designed CMS script to list the websites offering web hosting service. Ramui web hosting directory script is written in PHP and uses MySql database to run its system. The main features of this script are,

  1. Easy to install;
  2. User friendly control panel;
  3. Only registered user can post a new web hosting service and put comment over a listing.
  4. Viewers can report against a listing;
  5. Viewers can contact author of a listing via email form.
  6. This script has a very powerful search engine such that viewers can filter database search according to max. Price, bandwidth required web space, uptime, server type, etc.
  7. Administrator can put hidden affiliate links along with the actual links submitted by the users.

Version 3.0 of Ramui web hosting directory script has been released. This version has lot more added features than the earlier version. These are,

  • Webmaster can create static HTML page.
  • Webmaster can accept inner page URL.
  • Webmaster can set onfollow or dofollow option for each individual post.
  • The BBCode editor of the current version is more users friendly.
  • Webmaster can create XML sitemap with just one mouse click.
  • The errors reported so far from the earlier version have been removed in this version.

Actually version 3.0 is a complete web development script to develop a web hosting directory website.

Documentation | Download

PHP contact form receives message from the viewers and store them in a flatfile database; so there is no need of PHP mail function. There are many free web hosting services that disable mail function for the free users. In such cases this contact form is the ultimate solution. The main features of this contact form script are,

  1. It is spam free by captcha image verification method;
  2. Contact form has Multi-language support;
  3. This contact form script can be easily plug-in in any webpage including Wordpress or other blog post. A contact form HTML page is included in this project.
  4. An auto-installer script included for easy installation.
  5. After logging in into the script control panel administrator can read, download or delete a message.

Documentation | Demo | Download

A website guestbook is a content management system or CMS script where viewers of the website can post their comments over that website. The spam free PHP GuestBook script I represent here has the following features.

  1. Stop GuestBook spam;
  2. Guest can post replies over a message;
  3. Administrator / webmaster can lock a topic to prevent any further comment.
  4. Administrator can choose option for nofollow relation for the links submitted on the messages.
  5. Actually administrator can control all the functionalities of this script.

GuestBook script demo | GuestBook script documentation | Download

PHP Zip files and directory class has been developed to help web developers to build their web development projects. This PHP class is capable of zipping a single file or even an entire directory. To use this Zip class file,

  1. You have to include this file in your project.
  2. Create class object.
  3. Call the public function compress(); this function takes two arguments, source and destination. You can omit the second argument, and then working folder will be the destination. On success this function will return the Zip file name.
  4. An example file is given to understand the mater.

Download PHP Zip files and directory class

Website contact form is a very essential tool to develop a good website. Through contact form viewers can contact webmaster for any query or request. Many websites provide contact email address for any such communication. But a spam protected contact form provides easier interface to the viewers for communication. Our contact form script has the following features and advantages.

  1. It has an auto installer script which automatically installs this contact on your web server.
  2. This contact form script includes auto responder system. Whenever viewer send a message an auto generated email send to the viewer email address informing him that the message has been received. Webmaster can set the body of the message or even turn off this feature from the script control panel.
  3. Webmaster can send email to single or multiple recipients both in text or HTML format.
  4. This script is highly spam protected by RECAPTCHA image script.
  5. Since AJAX technology is used so this contact can be added in webpage of any extension.
  6. Your real email address will never be disclosed to the viewers.
  7. The biggest advantage is it is hundred percent free of cost.

Demo | Report bug | Documentation | Download

This is DHTML popup version of AJAX contact form with auto responder script. This script has an added advantage that adding this script with your existing WebPages is very easy.

Demo | Report bug | Documentation | Download

This Free Online US Navy Body fat calculator script works as Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator, US Navy Body fat calculator, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculator, Daily calorie needs calculator, Weight loss calculator. As this script uses AJAX technology you can easily add it to any of your existing web page- no mater whether it is HTML or PHP. Even you can use POP-UP window to open this script.

To simplify the way of adding the US navy body fat calculator script with Wordpress or any other blog post I develop a small US navy body fat calculator Wordpress plugin script. This plugin script not only works for a blog post, but it can be used for any type of webpage to easier the integration.

Demo | Report bug | Documentation | Download

This nice looking drop down menu script has the following features.

  1. It is very much user friendly and tested under all major browsers such IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome.
  2. This menu script has very light weight; it uses only few lines of JavaScript to run.
  3. This menu script has the ability to remember user settings when viewers browsing your site, i.e. it can remember which node is expanded and which note is collapsed when viewers move from one page to another.
  4. Web designer can very easily add this script with his or her website.

Documentation | Online demo | Download

This online HTML editor script has been developed here can be used as an add-on device of a CMS script to accept HTML input from user side. The code I use has been tested in all major browsers including Google Chrome. This script has a rich text editor window using iframe. An iframe HTML editor provides user a visual interface of editing of HTML page. Users see the final output what they are doing on the editor screen. So it is more user friendly compared to BBCode or any other online editor.