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First stable version of Ramui webblog has been released

Today I release first stable version (v-1.2) of Ramui webblog script. In this version I fix all bugs reported so far. With this release earlier beta version (version-1.2) has been removed and shall no longer be available.
Update Information:
If you are using earlier beta version you can update it by the following way.
1. Download the update package from the attachment below.
2. Extract it at your local computer. There are two files inside that package.
(i). clsdatabase.php,
(ii). index.php and
(iii) readme.txt.
3. Use FTP program to replace the files,
(i). /fw_blog/include/clsdatabase.php, and
(ii). /fw_blog/templates/simple/index.php
at your server with the updated files.
*Please do not forget to keep files and database backup before update.

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