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Ramui webblog version - 3.2.2 has been released

Ramui webblog version - 3.2.2 has been released. This version has come with lots of new features and updates. The bugs reported so far has also been removed. You can download this latest version from the link below.


An update package is also attached at the bottom of this post.

New features:
The following new features have been added in this version.

Unzip utility: Unzip utility has been added in this version to extract zip files. This feature will be especially useful when you install new template. Upload a zipped template file in your template folder from your admin panel, - unzip it; your new template is ready to use.

Tree view of HTML sitemap: A new public member function has been added to generate a tree view HTML sitemap. Image of such sitemap is given below.

How to replace your existing sitemap with Tree view sitemap
To replace your existing sitemap you only require to create a page or post with the same name, i.e. sitemap. This new page will override your default sitemap.html page. Since this page requires running a PHP function so you have to create a new page instead of post. While creating the sitemap page add suitable title, keywords and description at their respective fields. Uncheck the option "Add to sitemap". At content field add the following line of PHP code.
<?php echo $fw_db->get_sitemap();?>
Now save the page and publish it.

Adding icons with the links
From the above image you can notice that file and folder icons are associated with their links. To obtain it you have to add the following two lines at the end of the CSS file of the default template (or the template you are using for this page). Use template editor to open template_folder/css/screen.css file for editing. At the end of the file add the following two lines and save it.
#fw_sitemap li{list-style-image:url('../images/file.gif');}
#fw_sitemap li.fw_directory{list-style-image:url('../images/folder.gif');}
Now download the file and folder icon from the attachment below and upload them at folder template_folder/images/.
file-and-folder-icon.zip [0.5 Kb]

**Downloaded 13 times

Update from earlier version
If you are using version - 3.2 or version - 3.2.1 then the update process is very straight forward. Download the following attachment, unzip or unpack it; use FTP program to upload everything into your blog root. Please agree to over write your existing file when prompted by the FTP program.
v3-2_to_3-2-2.zip [19.5 Kb]

**Downloaded 12 times

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