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What a beautiful twenty words

1. Zuiteng the tears for you, the smile left to hurt you most of the people.
2. crying eyes to see better days,Manches Longues Ralph Lauren, pain over the heart would know better care of happiness, so let go of his hand, I will smile and go forward, he has given me the love will continue to warm my future As for injuries, by the time buried.
3. Many people are like this, can live thousands of miles away with you, but you can not stand away from a wall.
4. Perhaps because of tears is too true,monster energy femme, so some Xinchan.
5. clouds, after all,felpa ralph lauren, is the cloud. However, it wrong,beats by dre pas cher, it will also shed tears, and that is the rain ...
6. Lost someone worst he was still beside them to.
7. No person deserves your tears, it is worth your tears will not make you cry.
8. Legend has it that a no-tears of the city, the city began to be happy and not only because of tears, and later as the tears dry.
9. tears spilled in one place,cheap lacoste shirts, never picking it back.
10. you know the merry-go-it?
This is the most brutal game --- we are chasing each other, but separated from the eternal ...

11. never need to remember, because never been forgotten.
12. the most painful wounds, invisible from the outside.
13. and you laugh with people who might forget him, but who cried with you, but you never forget.
14. the wind is blowing, I and my dreams are slowly fell asleep.
the dream city, so lonely.
15. We happily among the flowers in the grass chasing, and I play together with my dreams.
16. helplessly missed the youth form the past can not be forgotten. If you advance to meet the design is perfect, it would not have those piercing love,tee shirt monster energy, not that touched hearts awesome. But it is only because they missed the next time we have a feeling of expectation.
17. blossoms, and thanks, also insisted on only a lotus leaf, flower recalled the face of infatuation.
18. Love is like tug of war, a man let go of, another person will be injured.
19. the train is always a worry, the other end is always yearning for.
20. I'm waiting to see the other side of the river of my youth, see calm and sad.
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