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Editing PHPBB3 forum template

Sometimes board administrators of PHPBB3 forum like to edit their forum template to change the appearance and functionality of their forum. Few common reasons are,

  1. Adding a sidebar to place advertisements and / or important menu items inside it.
  2. Adding Adsense or other ad code after each post of their forum.
  3. Changing the entire forum template including menu, logo, background, and font etc. to match with the other parts of the website.

Fortunately PHPBB3 forum has a very rich and user friendly interface to edit your forum template from within your admin panel. From your control panel you can,

  1. Edit your template StyleSheet to change background, font, links, textbox and the appearance of other input elements to change the overall appearance of your forum.
  2. You can use different image set from another template to make your template unique.
  3. By editing template files you can add left or right sidebar to your template.
  4. You can insert your site logo at the top of the forum.
  5. You can add Adsense or other ad code at any place of your forum template.
  6. And finally you can generate a new template by cloning an existing one.

Advantages and disadvantages of editing template

The benefits you can get from editing your forum template are,

  1. You can insert custom links, such as links of important forum posts, link of other WebPages of your site or even links of other websites. If you do so then there will be higher chances that users click on those links when browsing your forum.
  2. You can earn revenue from the advertisements you place on your forum.
  3. Change of style will change the appearance of your forum which actually uniquely shows the identity of your website. It is important because most of the forum administrators use few common templates available free on the internet and any uncommon appearance will help to keep your forum in viewers mind.
  4. The only disadvantage is that viewers are more familiar with the default template and any uncommon setting may discourage them to use your forum. So whatever the changes you make they must be user friendly; viewers should fill comfort in browsing your forum.

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